• Interview: Catching Up With Lexi Hagenson, The Rootology Herbalist
Interview: Catching Up With Lexi Hagenson, The Rootology Herbalist

We caught up with Lexi Hagenson, our in-house herbalist to learn more about her background in holistic health, the essential ingredients found in Rootology and how everyone should just try Chinese Herbology today! To learn more about Lexi or for further inquiries, visit her website at breatheinacu.com.

1) Can you tell us a little about your background and experience in holistic health?

I began studying at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City after a medical anthropology class piqued my interest in Eastern medicine. I went on to complete the four year acupuncture and herbal program, as well a one year integrative nutrition program. Along the way I learned more about natural health and medicine than I could ever have imagined. I currently treat a lot of patients with infertility, migraines, allergies and emotional disorders.

2) How did you initially get involved with Rootology?

I was introduced to Simar [Singh, CEO & Founder] by my husband who incidentally worked at the same law firm as he did. We immediately connected on ideas and got moving with Rootology right away.

3) What are some of the main ingredients found in Rootology that are major factors in clearing up sinuses and providing nasal health support?

Xanthium fruit and magnolia flower are two extremely effective herbs for alleviating nasal symptoms like profuse nasal discharge and itchiness.

4) Can you elaborate on the additional benefits of taking Rootology besides immediate allergy relief?

When taken regularly for a period of time, Rootology can actually help the sinus passageways work more efficiently. Unlike other allergy medicines made with synthetic chemicals, Rootology's natural ingredients help clear and balance the sinus cavities without the body getting used to it.

5) What would you tell a skeptic of Chinese Herbology who is interested in trying an alternative treatment for ailments such as allergies?

Just give it a try! If after two or three doses you feel no change you can always quit with no harm done. But I highly doubt there won't be a noticeable difference.

6) What is your view on the emerging trend of juicing, yoga and ‘going vegan’?

Yoga is the only trend I stand by 100%. Juice fasts often flush the system with loads of sugar and very little protein and fiber. And going vegan puts you at risk of becoming deficient in important nutrients such as vitamin B12 and zinc. I am a fan of occasional "restriction diets," where you would omit certain items from the diet such as meat, sugar, wheat and dairy for a two week period.


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