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Tips For Running In The Winter

Truth be told, winter running, walking (and basic living) is quite challenging. Hey, sometimes the truth hurts. Rootology shares some of the best ways to make winter exercise easier and more fun. Here's a simple guide to healthy winter exercise.

  1. Protect those extremities first: Keep your hands, ears, nose and for men, the genital area protected. The extremities are the most exposed to cold and wind and the most susceptible to frostbite.
  2. Become a well-dressed runner: In cold weather, the secret is to layer lightweight garments so the clothing works together to keep you dry and warm. High-tech materials like polypropylene and polar fleece are designed to keep body temperature steady, while wicking the moisture away from your skin to the surface layer of clothing. 
  3. Dress flexibly: Put on your hat and zip up your jacket when you're heading into a cold wind. Take the hat off and partially zip down the jacket when the wind is behind you. The difference can be dramatic.
  4. Protect your torso first: Your legs need much less protection than your torso. Cold feet usually occur at football games and before marriage, not when you're pushing the pace.
  5. Don't take chances: Don't tempt fate by trying to run hard and fast in difficult weather. Sometimes the ice and snow coupled with the dark can make for a deadly combination. Take your workout indoors, or simply take the day off.
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