• Ready For Game Day? Some Scrumptious Super Bowl Snacks
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Ready For Game Day? Some Scrumptious Super Bowl Snacks

Spring Pea Dip

 Thanks to Delish.com, we bring you a delicious dip recipe that has all the best qualities of springtime! Celebrate the big game day with fresh flavors and a delicate texture. Along with cut-up vegetables, homemade pita chips are another tasty pairing to go along with this dip.


  • 1 pound(s) fresh peas in the pod (or 1 cup of frozen peas)
  • 1/4 cup(s) (loosely packed) fresh mint leaves, chopped
  • Salt and ground black pepper
  • 1/3 cup(s) part-skim ricotta cheese
  • 2 tablespoon(s) freshly grated Parmesan cheese
  • Assorted spring vegetables for dipping, such as cucumber strips, yellow and red pepper strips, and baby carrots


  1. Shell peas: run thumb along length of seam to open pod and release peas.
  2. In 1-quart saucepan, heat 1 inch water to boiling over high heat; add peas and heat to boiling.
  3. Reduce heat to medium; cover and cook 3 minutes or just until peas are tender.
  4. Drain peas and rinse under cold running water; drain well.
  5. In food processor with knife blade attached, puree peas with mint, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Transfer to small bowl; stir in ricotta and Parmesan.
  6. Serve dip, with vegetables, or cover and refrigerate to serve later.

 Chick Pea Balls

OneGreenPlanet brings you savory chickpea balls inspired by the memory of a falafel.  With hints of dried sweet melon pieces, they are a healthy alternative! Like other beans, Chickpeas, are rich in both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. 


  • 1 cup chickpeas
  • 2 tablespoons tahini
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/3 cup dried melon
  • 1/3 cup pumpkin seeds
  1. Soak the chickpeas overnight with 3 cups of water.
  2. Bring them to a boil, reduce the temperature and keep boiling for 1 hour or until soft.
  3. Peel the chickpeas, totally optional.
  4. Blend the chickpeas using the S knife, then add the tahini and blend again until nice and smooth.
  5. Add the salt and the dried melon and blend to incorporate well.
  6. Make small balls with your hands and line them on a parchment paper.
  7. Blend the pumpkin seeds into a powder and cover half of the balls.
  8. Bake for 10-15 minutes, until crispy on the outside.
  9. Serve with a salad, a falafel or just as it is.

Sweet Potato Skins

Alissa at GirlMakesFood.com, shows us a healthy sweet potato skin recipe. Health highlight of sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are one of best sources of beta-carotene, which your body coverts to vitamin A. They are very anti-inflammatory, high in fiber and full of antioxidants. Despite their sweet flavor, sweet potatoes have less impact on your blood sugar than other varieties of potatoes. Sweet potatoes are also a really good source of vitamin C and potassium.

  • 3 Sweet Potatoes
  • ⅓ cup Cheddar Cheese 
  • Salt and Pepper 
  • Guacamole
  1. Bake or microwave the sweet potatoes (bake at 375 degrees F for 1 hour, or microwave for 10 minutes).
  2. Cut the potatoes in half and scoop some of the middle out.
  3. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Top each half of sweet potato with some cheese.
  5. Bake at 450 degrees until the cheese is nicely melted and the sweet potato starts to brown a little.
  6. Top with some guacamole and serve.
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