• 5 Natural Ways To Feel Instantly Awake
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5 Natural Ways To Feel Instantly Awake

There are all sorts of tricks we can use when we need an extra energy boost. The usual culprits like energy drinks, coffee, caffeine pills and sugar all work temporarily but more often than not, we end up feeling just as lousy, if not worse as soon as our energy levels begin to slump.

We know the thought of swapping your 3 PM can of Red Bull for something a little less tasty sounds like a bit of a bore but, trust me when we say that once you wean yourself off the need for that constant rush, the brain fuzz will lift and productivity will begin to flow.

5 Natural Ways To Feel Instantly Awake

Drink lemon + warm waterSip on a big glass of warm water with a whole lemon squeezed into it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.  The lemon will not only alkalise your liver but, the vitamin C will send an instant jolt of energy to your cells. 

Take some big deep breathsA few deep breaths in and out oxygenates the blood. You know when you yawn? That’s your body’s way of trying to do just that. Why not give it a helping hand and practice this instead – Deep breath inhale for five seconds, hold your breath for four seconds and big exhale for four seconds. Repeat.

Get some fresh airSitting at a desk or in front of the telly for hours on end does nothing for your energy levels especially in a room that’s overheated or stuffy. Open a window for some fresh air, step outside with a skipping rope or, go for a brisk 10 min walk.

Take a cold showerThere’s nothing like a quick shock to the system to make you feel awake and a cold shower will do just the trick. Strip off and jump in. It won’t take much to get your nerve endings tingling and heart racing as your body adjusts to the drop in temp.

Sip some teaGreen tea or yerba mate are natural awakening elixirs. The dose of hydration will also prevent you from feeling so drowsy. Keep a mug full by your side and sip on it throughout the day.

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