• 5 Ways To Have An Attitude of Gratitude
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5 Ways To Have An Attitude of Gratitude

Wealth means nothing without good health. Truly enjoying your financial and personal successes count for less when you are not in the best of health. And these days we strive to eat healthy, exercise more, and balance our lifestyle between career/work, family and independent time.

By simply being grateful, we can be rewarded with better health, say researchers. In fact, cultivating an “attitude of gratitude” has been linked to better health, sounder sleep, less anxiety and depression, higher long-term satisfaction with life and kinder behavior toward others, including romantic partners.

No strict diet or exercise regimen? Just a positive emotion such as gratitude guarantee better health? Yes! It may be a dramatic departure from what we've been taught about how to get healthier, but the connection between gratitude and health actually goes back a long way.  Today, take a step back and be appreciative with these tips to get you going.

5 Ways To Have An Attitude of Gratitude

Notice your day-to-day world from a point of gratitude and be amazed at all the goodness we take for granted.

Give at least one compliment daily. It can be to a person or it can be asking someone to share your appreciation of something else ("I love how quiet it is in the morning, don’t you?").

Vow to not complain, criticize, or gossip for 10 days. If you slip, rally your willpower and keep going. Notice the amount of energy you were spending on negative thoughts and actions.

Sound genuinely happy to hear from the people who call you on the phone. Whether the caller responds with surprise or delight, he’ll know you value speaking with him.

Ask yourself when you find yourself in a bad situation: What can I learn? When I look back on this, without emotion, what will I be grateful for?

    When we learn our real wealth will our true net worth expand much further than the numbers in our bank accounts.  Let us not limit ourselves to a narrow definition of wealth but openly and freely enjoy life and experience our true riches.

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