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5 To Do's for Clean Eating 101

When it comes to dieting, lose the fads. The single most effective way to lose weight and maintain health is by making lasting lifestyle changes. Clean eating is a lifestyle that puts the boot to processed, packaged foods dripping with salt, sodium, and unpronounceable ingredients.

Let's focus instead on natural, nutrient-packed foods that let your body run the way it’s supposed to. Change how you look and feel with our clean eating tips.

Do eat four to six small meals a day. Smaller, more frequent meals will keep your blood sugar levels stable and will increase your metabolism. And, because the meals keep the tummy satisfied throughout the day, you’re less likely to turn into a pantry-raiding snack monster.
Do drink. Water, that is. Drink at least four to six glasses of H2O every day to keep the body hydrated. Water also helps the stomach feel full, making you less likely to give in to unhealthy snack attacks. 

Do keep clean eating snacks on hand. Whether the day is filled with the kids’ sports events or running errands for an elderly parent, it’s easy to give in to the bad snack temptation. Stay on your clean eating track by packing up healthy snacks in advance. 

Do get very veggie. Vegetables deliver nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber by loading up on veggies by incorporating meatless meals.

Do combine lean protein and complex carbs at each meal. This clean eating one-two punch decreases insulin spikes and maintains energy levels. The combo also acts as a natural appetite suppressant, helping you feel fuller longer. 

This article was originally written by Skinny Ms. We shared this with you because we know eating healthy can be tricky, hope to motivate you, and get you on the right track. Enjoy the weekend!

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