• Weekend Edition: 3 Ways To Eat In The Heat This Summer
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Weekend Edition: 3 Ways To Eat In The Heat This Summer


Happy Friday! For our Weekend Edition, we want to make sure you are keeping cool during these hot summer days. Summer changes everything, from our fashion choices (open-toes whenever possible) and workout schedules (early morning run, please!), right down to when and what we want to eat.

Since the body reflects what’s happening outside, what flies in February is very different than what nourishes your body on a long and sweaty summer day.

Cool foods rule

Cooling foods and beverages are your friend in summer—especially if you’ve got any signs of excess heat in the body, like heartburn, inflammation, and flushed skin. Salty, spicy, and sour foods are heating, while things like mint and cilantro, cucumbers and celery with high water content, and dark greens tend to cool the body. 

Eat sweet

We're not taking about ice cream! However, sweet fruit is fair game. So go ahead and load up on it. Berries are a good choice, as is watermelon, which is super light and hydrating.

Electrolytes are your friend

The more you sweat, the more electrolytes you need, but not from fluorescent sports drinks. Use sea salt (for sodium), drinking lots of green juices (for magnesium), and sipping cucumber juice and coconut water (for a “potassium infusion.”)

We want to know what YOUR favorite foods to eat are when the heat is on the rise! Share with us in the comments below.

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