• Doctors Explain Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Doctors Explain Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

From herbs to acupuncture, many forms of Chinese medicine are becoming mainstream in the Western world. But many people don't understand the philosophy or complex practice of Chinese medicine, Jill Urban from Time Warner Cable News reports.

Dr. Xiu-Min Li, of Mount Sinai, says Chinese medicine takes the approach of overall well-being -- mind and body. From prevention to treatment, it looks to create balance both inside and outside. As part of that big picture, the practice is made up of multiple elements including herbal medicine and alternative therapies. “Traditional Chinese Medicine sees the human body as a whole system, like a network. So each organ system is connected. So one organ system will affect another," Xiu-Min said.

Dr. Houman Danesh is a pain management specialist who uses alternative therapies like acupuncture, acupressure, cupping which uses suction cups to promote blood flow and healing, and a treatment called Qua Sha, also known as scrapping. “The idea is that you have a bio-psycho-type, like you are made up in a certain way so if you are having back pain it may be related to a bunch of other factors and stress so restoring balance with needles or with massage or herbs brings you back into balance. Qua Sha is the idea of scrapping along areas to increase blood flow and to remove stuck chi in the area to bring about healing," Danesh said.

Other forms include yoga-like movements of T'ai chi and Qigong. Herbal therapy is a major part of Chinese medicine. It’s made up of thousand of herbs minerals and animal parts used for a long list of issues and ailments. 

"Some of the Chinese herbal medicines promote health. Some can be used to prevent disease, while others can be used to treat conditions," Xiu-Min said.

Some of those used for treatment are available by prescription only. But for the average person looking to live well, Chinese herbs can easily be found at any drug store. We here at Rootology are excited to be apart of the TCM movement, bringing traditional medicine to the forefront with our fast-acting, non-drowsy, natural nasal, sinus & respiratory relief - Breathe Free

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