• Q&A: Massage Therapy 101 With Amanda Grovenor
Q&A: Massage Therapy 101 With Amanda Grovenor

Ever wonder about the benefits of massage therapy? We are excited to share with you an exclusive Q&A with Amanda Grovner, a therapist at Greenhouse Holistic, a yoga studio and spa in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Since she was about ten years old, she figured out how massages could help out her parent's ailments. Rubbing a little tiger balm here and there made them feel better. Fast forward to now, Amanda is now a graduate of the Swedish Institute. Read on to learn about basic massage therapy tips!

What are some benefits of massage therapy?  

Massage is basically used for increasing circulation and decreasing pain. You get the most out of massage therapy if you get worked on often. It also works in your benefit if you come in before things get worse. The sooner you take care of your body the sooner you'll feel better.

How can new clients determine which type of massage is right for them? 

It is hard for anyone who doesn't know which massage helps with what. So here is a run down on a few basic treatments:

  • Swedish Massage- Usually soft to medium pressure. Composed of lots of long flowing and kneading strokes. Used for increasing relaxation and circulation for the entire body. 
  • Deep Tissue Massage- Usually Medium to heavy pressure. Composed of shorter more direct strokes. Used for decreasing pain and increasing blood flow to a specific area(s) that needs more attention. 
  • Hot Stone- Usually medium to heavy pressure. Composed of a mixture of heat and Deep Tissue techniques. Used for decreasing pain and increasing circulation to address very sensitive areas, ticklish spots or painful areas. 

What are some suggestions you would give to someone who has never gotten a massage before?

To get the most out of your massage sessions here are a few suggestions:

  • If you fall asleep during your session it is okay. I actually prefer it as a provider and reviver of massage. 
  • Don't move a body part if a therapist moves it for you. You are not helping us unless we ask. It causes unnecessary energy and/or discomfort. 
  • If you have lower back and/or hip issues it is suggested to leave your undies off. If you go to a professional we will act like a professional and accommodate accordingly. But if you feel uncomfortable you do not have to.
  • If the pressure is too much or there is something we can do to make your experience better let us know. 
  • Massage is used for helping, it is not a quick fix. With regularly scheduled appointments you can help turn a chronic issue into a comfortable situation. 

    What are some of the most comment ailments you treat and how?

    For the most part, people come in for chronic pain, trigger points, bad posture and sports injuries. I am not going to give away any secrets but heat helps a lot with pain and chronic issues. I let my hands do what they can to help and add heat whenever possible. I also like to use aromatherapy to add another trigger for relaxation.

    To book a massage appointment with Amanda Grovner, you may contact her via e-mail at acgrovner@gmail.com or visit the Greenhouse Holistic website for more information.

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