• Weekend Edition: 3 Frugal Fall Family Activities
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Weekend Edition: 3 Frugal Fall Family Activities

Hip hip hooray! In celebration of Christopher Columbus Day on October 13th, we have compiled three of our favorite frugal fall activities to enjoy with your family on this upcoming holiday weekend. There can be many ways to spend time together as a family during the fall and if you’re wise about it, many of those things can be done on a budget without compromising on the fun!

From going on a hike, taking a leaf stroll or organic apple picking, the activities don't have to stop there either. After you come home from the hike, end it with a movie night at home, bake a warm apple pie together or enjoy some other fall treat. Not only will this provide for more fun together, but it will also be cheaper than buying something from the store. Add to the fun with small prizes for the children for some of the events. By doing this with a number of families, the cost can be spread among all involved to help lower the overall cost.

Take a leaf stroll. Stroll through your local state park collecting leaves, pine-cones and acorns with your little ones. You can bring these natural pieces home to use as decorations throughout fall and upcoming winter. Another fun activity is to identify all of the leaves that you see by using a leaf identification app on your smart phone (try LeapSnap).

Go for a hike. A popular past time for many during the fall is to enjoy the leaves changing color. If weather permits, a great way to do this is to enjoy a hike as a family. The distance can vary, of course, but going for a hike most likely will be free and can be a great way to spend time with friends or family. Adding a picnic lunch or dinner in can make it into an enjoyable afternoon or early evening for little cost.

Organic apple picking. Spend a fall afternoon with your family at a local organic apple orchard picking apples. If you choose an apple orchard that is organic and allows you to pick your own apples, you avoid shipping emissions, pesticides and you help the environment. This activity is delightful to children too. They will enjoy picking fresh, ripe fruit directly from the tree. Be prepared and bring a picnic blanket, paring knife and a little organic caramel for dipping!

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