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Rootology: Disover the Power of Herbs with Breathe Free

In time for spring allergy season, Rootology: Breathe Free is now available for fast-acting, non-drowsy, natural nasal and sinus support. A proprietary formula based on powerful herbal extracts, Breathe Free is different than other natural nasal and sinus formulations because it starts working within minutes for sinuses, congestion, sneezing, runny nose and even itchy, watery eyes. 

Rootology's Breathe Free formula is made of 13 powerful herbal extracts, each with a specific function in supporting total nasal and sinus health. Based in part on Chinese Herbology, it utilizes herbs that many Americans may not know, but really should! Lexi Hagenson, a Chicago-based acupuncturist and certified herbalist says of the two most prevalent ingredients,"xanthium fruit and magnolia flower are two extremely effective herbs for alleviating nasal symptoms like profuse nasal discharge and itchiness." She continues, "while most people notice the benefits of Rootology immediately, when taken regularly for a period of time, Rootology can also help the sinus passageways work more efficiently."

Dr. Joan Lehach, MD, a highly regarded allergist in New York City agrees. "I have been practicing Allergy and Clinical Immunology for over 25 years and I am really excited to recommend Rootology, a new all-natural product that really works. It immediately supports against sneezing, nasal itch, congestion and runny nose without side-effects. Rootology is first line in my practice."

To those who may be skeptical, especially if they're not familiar with the herbs, Hagenson offers, "just give it a try! If after one or two doses you feel no change, no harm done, especially with the thirty day guarantee. But I highly doubt there won't be a noticeable difference." Stores that stock Rootology are making it especially easy to try Breathe Free, as we have plenty of sample packets available on hand to try this allergy season, with bottles available for purchase!

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