• Simple Steps To Love Yourself (More) In The Modern World
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Simple Steps To Love Yourself (More) In The Modern World

If you ask everyone but yourself, it’s a good place to start. Then try these simple tips thanks to Yoga Journal, culled from Kathryn Budig, Tara Stiles, and more gladiators of the mindfulness movement from the 'I Love Me Workshop' in New York City.  Follow these simple steps below to love yourself more... everyday!

Set the tone for your day.  We’re at the mercy of the external world when we launch into the day without plugging into ourselves first. Before getting out of bed every morning, ask yourself, ‘How are you feeling today?’ Maybe you need to cancel a meeting or spend more time on your personal life. Whatever it is, on you know what’s going on within.

Take five minutes in the morning for meditation. Stop saying you’ll start meditating once you have a better handle on your schedule. Just taking five minutes in the morning benefits you all day. When we meditate, we’re never hanging out in fear, anxiety or hatred because we can always access this place of love, strength, and power.

Be honest with yourself—and listen to what you’re saying. Meditation creates a space for honesty in all its beautiful (and brutal) forms. That means we accept responsibility for our own decisions and how they aid and abet relationship issues and frustrations.

Add a positive filter to friendships. Body bashing is a great way to bond with friends. —no one ever. On the other hand, articulating something we love about ourselves gives a friend permission to feel good too.

Quit trying to hack others’ belief systems. In a social media culture, we often post, tweet or ping inspirational words and images that we feel help or define us. But there’s a fine line between sharing and foisting a philosophy on those who didn’t ask for one, just to ride a fleeting ego buzz. Focus on connecting with yourself, and it will radiate and inspire others authentically.

Slow your dinner roll. Are you eating what you want to eat or did someone throw down a deep-dish and make the choice for you? Give yourself the space to consider how to nourish and fuel your body, and you’ll leave the table feeling good about yourself. Meditating for a few minutes before mealtime makes our food far more satisfying because it slows us down. We’re then tapped into how we’re feeling, which can help prevent overeating or eating too quickly.

Choose mood-boosting foods. Feeling low on self-love may be solved with food science. Diets rich with Omega-3 fatty acids (like salmon, flaxseeds, and hemp) reduce inflammation in our brain and help improve our moods. Similarly, spinach, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts are bursting with folate, a nutrient linked to lower depression rates. Of course, the wrong foods can wreak havoc on our self-image. Processed, packaged foods crammed with sugars and trans fats increase inflammation in our brain, our mood and stress levels take a hit.

Repeat 100X: “Me time” is not a guilty pleasure. Just because work, friends, and family place large demands on us, carving out time for ourselves isn’t selfish: Ultimately, it’s an investment in those around us.

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