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#DadsBreatheFree: Pin-To-Win A 3-Bottle Pack | Take Special 15% Off

Give Dad the gift to Breathe Free this Father's Day! We know that no one likes to travel or go sightseeing with a stuffy nose, so always keep Rootology is a travel essential in your carry on case when flying this summer. We are excited to present our loyal customers with a special opportunity to win a 3-bottle pack of Breathe Free through our latest 'Pin-To-Win' contest! Three winners will be chosen and notified via Pinterest on June 21, 2015.

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As cabin pressure will change during your flight’s ascent and descent, as you breathe recirculated air, as you adjust to a new environment when you land, board the plane armed with the knowledge and tools to make your trip as pleasant as possible so far as your nasal and sinus health is concerned.

With altitude changes and new pollutants in the air, your nasal or sinus health can quickly deteriorate -- we suggest trying a natural solution to support against congestion, runny nose and sinus pressure. Rootology: Breathe Free is a blend of 13 concentrated herbal extracts that work quickly to support nasal and sinus health, no matter the cause for discomfort!

And if it's the pressure that brings you down, here are some simple one-off tricks that can do the job.

Natural Ways To Relieve Sinus Pressure In-Flight

Before Take-Off. If you have pre-existing sinus pressure, take medications to decrease the pressure before your flight leaves. Over-the-counter decongestant pills or capsules reduces swelling in your sinuses, allowing more airflow. Sinus pressure during air travel occurs because the pressure outside your sinuses changes quicker than your body can equalize, and increased airflow allows your body to bring the two different pressure levels in sync more quickly. Start taking decongestants several days before your flight if possible, or at least a few hours in advance. Use nasal spray or drops to directly treat the area if you have less time available.

Duing the Flight. Sinus pressure grows worse during take-off, when the plane ascends and the cabin pressure level changes. Two easy physical actions -- chewing and swallowing -- can slowly relieve pressure as your sinuses equalize to the new cabin pressure. Bring chewing gum and a large bottle of water on the plane with you. Chew gum as the plane is taking off to provide constant attention to the pressure issue. Once the plane levels out, switch to your water bottle. Take large enough sips that you swallow powerfully. Request an extra water bottle or other drink from the flight attendant during beverage service so you maintain a consistent supply.

After Landing. Even if you have kept your sinus pressure in check throughout the flight through the techniques mentioned above, the cabin pressure changes during landing can undo all of your hard work and cause the pain to return. A technique known as the "Valsalva maneuver" can cause instantaneous pressure relief, but it must be used carefully to avoid damaging your sinuses or ear drums. Close your mouth, hold your nose and try to exhale slowly. Repeat -- always pushing the air towards your blocked nose slowly -- until the pressure subsides to a manageable level.

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