• 9 Beauty Tips For Traveling This Summer That Will Make Your Life Easier
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9 Beauty Tips For Traveling This Summer That Will Make Your Life Easier

Who doesn’t love traveling during the summer? It’s the perfect time to relax, and create lasting memories with friends and family. However, packing for the vacation can be daunting, especially when it comes to packing up your beauty products. Between eyeshadows, brushes, and lipsticks, what’s a girl to choose? It may seem like a huge challenge to pack up your beauty products, but it doesn’t have to be. Emily McCulure shares a few tricks to taking whatever beauty products you want without weighing down your luggage via Bustle below!

Just keep in mind the basics of your vacation plans. Going to a tropical island? Pack products that only contain SPF. Heading to a super chic city? Bring an all-in-one eyeshadow palette. Remember that simplifying your makeup bag doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on products. In fact, it’s really just a chance to get more creative and really determine what products are your must-haves in your collection. It’s a win/win, really.

Palettes Are Your Best Friend. Oh it contains a bronzer, highlighter, blush, AND eyeshadows? Pack it. It needs to be in your bag. Think of how much more room you’ll have for shoes. Try the Showstopper Clay Palette by Tarte. It contains so many beauty goodies that are perfect for traveling.

Bring Multi-Tasking Products. Make sure to pack products that pack a punch (pun intended). Whether it works for your hair, skin, and nails, or it has multiple benefits then make sure to add it to your travel makeup bag.

The Three Ounce Rule. Traveling on an airplane? Remember the 3 oz. rule. Nothing over three ounces is allowed on an airplane. Make sure to stock up on travel-sized products before you head on a plane. Nothing is more upsetting than watching a TSA agent throw away your expensive lotion.

Bring Your Foundation Bottle. No need to scoop your foundation into a small jar. The standard size of most foundations is one ounce. This means that it is perfect to bring on planes, trains, and automobiles.

Stick To Essential Tools. Don’t bog yourself down with excess beauty tools on your vacation. Stick to the essentials. A foundation brush, blush brush, a fluffy eyeshadow brush, and eyelash curler is all you need.

Don’t Forget Makeup Wipes. Makeup removing wipes are a lifesaver when traveling. Not only do they remove makeup, but are a quick fix for removing deodorant stains, cleaning your hands, or even as a moisturizer. Make sure to stash a small pack in your purse while traveling.

Don’t Pack Shampoo & Conditioner, Do Pack A Cute Makeup Case. Heading to a hotel when you arrive? Don’t bother packing shampoo and conditioner. Most hotels provide shampoo, conditioner, and even body lotion. Take advantage of these mini-products, and leave your big bottles at home. Oh, and a cute makeup case? Totally necessary.

Use Tape. Bringing products that have a tendency to leak? Avoid spillage by taping your products shut. Just a small piece at the closure should keep the product from breaking open. Nothing like getting hair gel everywhere to run the start of your vacation.

Don’t Bring Nail Products. Save yourself the luggage space by getting a mani-pedi before you travel. This way you don’t need to bring any nail products with you.

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