• Crazy for Kombucha? Brew your own natural sodas
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Crazy for Kombucha? Brew your own natural sodas

Kombucha originates from Asia where it's been brewed for 5000 years. It's becoming increasingly popular with health conscious foodies everywhere. Being a fermented tea and a probiotic drink, its healing powers are currently debated by believers and sceptics. There are claims that kombucha can fight off cancer and aids, but no studies can support these superhero qualities yet. Still, Kombucha is praised health communities world wide as a healing drink. Sold by the fact that it's a real home brew soda, and it tastes heavenly, which is enough for us to wanna brew a batch via Nourish Atelier!

The taste itself is special, complex and addictive.The whole fun thing about making your own kombucha is that you can make your own flavors. Imagine that you're hosting a birthday party for someone and you brew a special flavor for them. Your own brew brand in other words. Why not even make your own labels to go with the bottles? Note that it takes about 2 - 4 weeks to make a batch. It's real slow food. The fermentation does most of the work! Make your own golden, sweet, and a real flirty summer kombucha using the recipe below:

Peach Flavoured Kombucha Ingredients

First fermentation

  • 1 SCOBY ("symbiotic 'colony' of bacteria and yeast")
  • 3 1/2 quarts water (3.3 litre)
  • 1 cup sugar (2.3 dl)
  • 7 - 8 tea bags, organic black or green tea
  • 2 cups starter kombucha, unpasteurized, store-bought or home brewed from an earlier batch.
  • 1 peach
  • 1 bottle of kombucha ( all measures work)

Second fermentation

  • Add pieces of peach to a bottle of kombucha when you start the second fermentation.
  • Additional flavoring such a fruit, teas and spices etc.


  • big jar (4 litre), sterilized
  • cloth & rubber band or string
  • a funnel
  • a sieve
  • bottles and lids


Making the tea: In a big pot, boil the water and remove from heat. Add the sugar and let it dissolve into the water. Leave the tea bags in the water until it's cool. Remove teabags and add starter tea. Pour the tea into a large glass jar and carefully add the SCOBY. Cover the opening of the jar with a cloth. Use a rubber band or string to keep a tight fit.

Let the brew ferment for up to 2 weeks. Leave the jar in a dark corner with room temperature. Check it now and then, (if it smells very bad, something has gone wrong and you should throw away the batch). After a week you can start tasting the kombucha which will be very sweet at first and then gradually become more sour and vinegary, as well as being more fizzy. When you reach a level of sourness and sweetness that you like, then it's time for the second fermentation. This usually occurs after 2 weeks.

Time to bottle and carbonate for 2-3 days: Remove the SCOBYS from the batch and gently place them in a smaller jar with 2 cups of the kombucha juice. This will be your starter juice for the next batch. Pour the kombucha into bottles using a funnel and a sieve or a straining cloth. Leave 1/2 inch of space at the top for additional flavorings. Add pieces of fruit, herbs, juices or other flavoring that you can think of. Make sure the lids are firmly closed and set the bottles aside for 2-3 days for a second fermentation. The kombucha carbonates during this period. Stop the fermentation process on the second or third day by refridgerating. Leave in the fridge until serving, wait at least 10 hours before drinking. Drink within a month. 

*Read the original article and learn more about making your own kombucha here.

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