Rootology To Help Firefighters Breathe Free During Wildfire Season

Rootology to offer complimentary product to support firefighters exposed to wildfire smoke.

To promote the respiratory health of firefighters and emergency responders exposed to wildfire smoke during this summer’s vicious wildfire season, we're making bottles of RootologyBreathe Free, a blend of herbal extracts shown to be effective in relieving the coughing, scratchy throat, stinging eyes, runny nose, sinus pressure, shortness of breath, and other reactions often triggered by wildfire smoke, available to any firefighters or emergency responders in need. Authorized representatives of federal, state, and local firefighting agencies operating in active wildfire zones can make product requests for their units by emailing contact information to with the subject "Rootology for Firefighters."
Rootology has a strong track record of helping those with sensitivities to airborne irritants and pollutants, but we discovered Breathe Free is effective for those  feeling wildfire smoke irritation when a store in Idaho discovered that Breathe Free was a customer favorite when wildfires struck local forests. Since, we have received many customer reviews remarking the same.
Rootology: Breathe Free is a blend of 13 herbal extracts that have been used for centuries to promote respiratory health, supporting against nasal congestion, headaches, runny nose itchy nose and eyes, sore swollen throat. Breathe Free begins helping within minutes and can be taken and used whenever needed.