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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should take Rootology?
Anyone 12 and up feeling adverse effects from environmental irritants or allergens, or otherwise needs fast-acting nasal and sinus support, including against congestion, sinusitis, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, cough and headache.

For children under 12, we advise that you check with your physician or natural practitioner to use a partial dose, contents emptied into food or drink.

2. How is Rootology different than other natural nasal & sinus products?
There are very few products on the American market that use even one of the ingredients contained in Breathe Free, let alone the thirteen that are working individually and synergistically for maximal impact. The herbal extracts have been used for centuries in the East (Chinese Herbology), are remarkably potent and effective, yet most US health practitioners and health store proprietors are not familiar. Rootology was founded to change that. We don't claim Rootology is a magic bullet or for everyone - nothing is. But when you need support fast, it's certainly worth a shot to find out if it is for you.

3. Why should I take something that many people are not familiar with? 
Check the reviews from real customers on our site and Amazon. We're confident it will help most people, but we want you to feel confident trying. And to ensure that you do, we offer a Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with Rootology, send it back and we'll refund your full purchase price. Moreover, feel safe taking Rootology: it's natural, manufactured in the USA at a cGMP certified facility to the highest specifications and safety standards, with the highest quality ingredients. 

4. Can I take other supplements or medication when taking Rootology?
Always check with your physician, but we are not aware of any adverse interactions when using Rootology in combination with other products or medication. In terms of supplements or medication for nasal, sinus and eye health, Rootology is great on its own. But many of our customers find that combining Rootology with medications or other natural remedies and supplements is the best for them.

5. Are there side-effects?
We are not aware of any adverse side effects. But as with anything, natural or otherwise, pay close attention to how your body reacts when you take Rootology. Rootology is a combination of potent herbs, and it is possible to react to them in an undesirable way. There is also the possibility of being allergic to an ingredient contained Rootology. If you decide Rootology is not for you, stop taking, and take us up on our Money Back Guarantee - we'll refund your purchase price.

5. Do I take Rootology every day like a multi-vitamin?
You certainly can to maintain your respiratory health, but Rootology is a "take as needed" supplement. When you need fast-acting nasal, sinus and eye support, take Breathe Free. Most people feel its benefits within 30 minutes.

6. Can I take more than 2 capsules at a time?
While 2 capsules is the standard serving, but take 3-4 capsules for extra support.

7. I can't swallow capsules. How can I enjoy the benefits of Rootology?
Easy! Open the capsules and mix it in with your favorite food, smoothie or beverage. Be warned, Rootology is not very tasty. But, you won't notice it much when it's mixed in with apple sauce, an orange-banana smoothie or your favorite soup. Find what works for you and Breathe Free.

8. Where can I find Rootology?
Rootology is available at retailers across the USA, use our Store Locator. But if we're not yet in a store near you, we're available on and our website. 

9. How do you ship Rootology?

We know that many of you want to feel better as quickly as possible by taking Rootology, orders placed before noon EST Monday to Friday are shipped that same day via USPS First Class Mail. Orders placed on the weekend or holidays ship the first business day. Estimated transit time is 1-4 days. 

10. Is Rootology gluten free?
None of our ingredients contain gluten. However, since we don't analyze the gluten content of our herbal extracts, we do not claim it is gluten free. 

If you have any other questions, please email us at and we'll get back to you within a day.


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